Quick Conquest
1.0.2 by Christopher Robison

How to win (1/5)

  • The standard game lasts 12 turns.
  • Once time runs out, whoever has most territories, wins.
  • Your soldiers conquer and defend territories.
  • Your castles generate new soldiers each turn and can be upgraded with gold.
  • You earn gold() for territories and for soldiers stationed at forts.

Temples (2/5)

  • Each player starts with one fort under their control.
  • After your turn, each of your forts produces a new soldier.
  • You can take over your enemies' forts.
  • There are neutral forts that you can conquer.
  • Forts can be imbued with enhanced features using upgrades.

Soldiers (3/5)

  • You get 3 moves each turn.
  • Every move allows you to move one army to a neighbouring territory.
  • An army that has conquered a territory cannot move again this turn.
  • If you move into an occupied territory, a battle will ensue.
  • If you manage to kill all defenders, you take over the territory.
  • If the defenders survive, your army retreats.

Income (4/5)

  • Once you end your turn, new gold is generated.
  • You get 1 gold for each territory you have, and 1 gold for each soldier stationed at a fort.
  • You also get 4 gold for each soldier killed in defense of a territory.

Upgrades (5/5)

  • Enhanced feature upgrades are purchased with gold ().
  • There are 2 levels of each upgrade.
  • Instead of upgrading, you can use gold to purchase soldiers.
  • Each soldier you purchase in a turn gets more expensive.
  • If a fort is lost, the upgrade is lost with it.
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